Monday, December 7, 2009

Food Poisoning More Condition_symptoms What Kind Of Foods Are More Likely To Give You Food Poisoning?

What kind of foods are more likely to give you food poisoning? - food poisoning more condition_symptoms

Chicken is obvious, but I do not mean to salmonella, I mean the species is less deadly.

I hear pizza can be food poisoning?


Acka said...

Any food can

This is not only what

But the manner of storage and you are dirty

In some countries it is not safe to eat salad! - The salad is washed in contaminated water and served (in a salad is not cooked to kill germs)

Cross contamination on cutting boards and knives is another good one. (Move the seeds from the flesh of fish) for vegetables

When the pizza is someone who can not wash their hands before or Clean the work area first will be contaminated in this way.

Food poisoning caused by organisms which are killed by heat (cooking), are caused, but some food poisoning can not be killed by cooking - by Staphylococcus toxin is produced not insured by the kitchen!

Good hygiene in the preparation, cooking and storage is very important for food security - either chicken, pizza or salad.

Store food in refrigerator (less than 5c) is to support the growth of bacteria to a minimum. If food is stored in a warm place (more than 5c), then the bacteria can multiply rapidly.

More bacteria are a problem, to a point where it can cause poisoning.

Preservation of samples:

Drip raw chicken juice (with associated bacteria) and landing on the already cooked (and ready to serve) food in the fridge.

A quiche is cooked and cooled, refrigerate bacteria can not multiply rapidly in it.

There are bacteria in the air, parasites and flies can cross-contamination, food must be covered. It helps to avoid, sneezing and coughing of food contamination.

Emilyxx said...

Meat, eggs, mushrooms,

and the shutdown or uncooked.
When your meat pizza no doubt.
Search Google thank you x

Cei said...

Mushrooms gathered in the forest.

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