Monday, December 7, 2009

What Are Lip Warts Called Can A Horse Get Poison Ivy Or Poison Oak?

Can a horse get poison ivy or poison oak? - what are lip warts called

I realized today that my horse has small bumps in the mouth and nose.
sorta seems warts. Any help would be appreciated. before the call to my vet.


arievent... said...

If your horse is young, and strokes of brown, pink, beige and in groups, they could be warts. Common in young horses, the warts are for a few weeks to several months, but in the end to leave their own ways.

If the recordings are not itchy and red, probably not an allergic reaction, and if he was, and no other symptoms that your horse shows (hives, difficulty breathing, etc...) Is probably not so serious.

If you are worried you can call your vet, but if your horse appears normal and healthy act, it's nothing serious.

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