Sunday, January 31, 2010

Burton Custom Bindings Ohio Got Size 12 Snowboardboots With Large Burton Custom Bindings. Will I Be Able To Fit Them On A 258 Width Board?

Got size 12 snowboardboots with large burton custom bindings. Will I be able to fit them on a 258 width board? - burton custom bindings ohio

I try with 159 steppers, which has received wide 258th In the case of links of my being able to fit, or if I get a width of card?


Terry said...

Size 12 is a kind of push. If you can, you can not boot, and what to see if it fits. If they then great, if not then youre going to have to get a pension or to get more bands. Bands personally it would be better because you always run a small board with the advantages of not slip when on board

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