Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cap Barbell What Are The Best Barbell Weights To Buy??

What are the Best barbell weights to buy?? - cap barbell

I have a small problem wonder if someone can help, I have a set of weights to a bar I work with my bank. But theres a problem with some of the weights are unequal. I know (2 10), but weighed (12 pounds) and others (9 pounds) is not really the weight of the other, but I think my 45s can be a little further, and mark my weight (CAP). I need only recall the best time to buy, the exact or nearly exact weight for each set of weights and the same heavy hand to know, thanks.


d c said...

Ivanko would be best. They are the ones they see on TV all the time. However, it might cost.

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