Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New York State Department Of Health Vital Records Section In New York How Far Is Buffalo From Cooperstown? How Far Is Rochester To Cooperstown?

In New York how far is Buffalo from Cooperstown? How far is Rochester to Cooperstown? - new york state department of health vital records section

In New York he would be better, to the airport in Rochester and Buffalo get? We have decided to take off 13th August. Our son will be archived in Cooperstown 15th August Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Best Proposal .... JetBlue flight to Syracuse.

Syracuse is much closer to Cooperstown in Rochester and Buffalo since Syracuse in central upstate New York. Very few flights to New York in Albany ... that the sound would work better mileage (80 miles), and if you take a private plane, I did not hear anything on flights to Utica to (which is very has made the most of Cooperstown closer to Utica. .. 51 miles) .

Syracuse Hancock Airport in Cooperstown is 110 miles.

dinodino said...

None. Bufallo approximately 287 miles. Rochester is 173 miles.

All of Syracuse, 93 miles, Albany, 76 miles or 88 miles of Binghamton are much closer.

Unless you want to tourism in the street.

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