Monday, January 25, 2010

Race Car Drivers Who Died In 2009 Kimmi Broen Is A Race Car Driver In Canada. Can Anyone Tell Me What Circuit She Drives In?

Kimmi Broen is a race car driver in Canada. can anyone tell me what circuit she drives in? - race car drivers who died in 2009

do not drive in the F1 series. that's for sure. It was a Dodge Charger and Chevrolet. Competitions and hard courts last Thursday, she and a teammate was in an accident where he severely injured his knee, and so on and killed his partner. Thursday was 9/20/07. So we see how the motorsport Savy you all.


Anonymous said...

Some real advice would be helpful.

The series, which I know is Canada's NASCAR Canadian Tire Series (formerly Cascar). Broen Kimmi not listed as a competitor in the series.

Edit - I was looking for a few hours, and I find nothing in their name or accidents with fatalities races during this period.

Having said this, I would say that it is run locally, probably a local sanction, which has no place on the list.

michinok... said...

They had a car accident, perhaps? The cars race on Thursday in Canada? She runs late model, perhaps? I saw the Atlantic Dodge Dealers 300 NASCAR, on 9 was / 15 in Antigonish and I can not remember Kimmi Broen.

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