Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tight Sweaters Heels Some Looks For School?

Some looks for school? - tight sweaters heels

I need new clothes for back to school.

I'm a fan of striped sweater, tight jeans, heels.
I am also from England, but I like the U.S. stores, so if you know of any pages of the American clothes to give to the United Kingdom for lush:)

Stores I like:

H & M
New Look
River Iceland
Dorothy Perkins
Miss Selfridge

So, what have you in daily wear is very pretty, but practical.
When you add other accessories such as necklaces earrings would be nice too:)

Thanks man, it means that the burden of their opinions,


Charlie S said...

I also try from England
I LOOOVE AllSainter!
Please try all the saints!
the beautiful! Topshop and ...
It is a little on the expensive side THOO [
I hope I have helped

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