Tuesday, February 9, 2010

37 Mph Over Speed World Class Cyclist Does Anyone Know What Speed (MPH) Do They Average?

World Class cyclist does anyone know what speed (MPH) do they average? - 37 mph over speed

World class cycling speed What'd is what the media (MPH easier to be) on a flat stretch mean?
And what is the maximum speed bike anyones existence of mines in a 37 mph guess this crazy hill.


intrepid... said...

In the tests of time-level may have an average of 35 mph

The fastest, which I have ever seen on a bike 55 mph for the local hill "crazy" on a mountain bike, asphalted road. I was afraid of ridicule - the wind tears up his helmet at the top of my head. Since healthier maximum decrease about 45 miles per hour on a road bike.


Andymcj78 (Atheist) said...

I broke 39 mph on earth (according to my speedo), but what a velodrome. The Speed Trials or procedures as the best cyclist Keiren kilos strike at a speed slightly less than 50 mph in some areas, but on average, around 40th Professional cyclists on the road are an average of about 30 mph

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