Monday, February 8, 2010

Buying A Car With Out Of State Driver License Buying A New Car With Out Of State Driver's Licenses???

Buying a new car with out of state driver's licenses??? - buying a car with out of state driver license

My husband and I live in Indiana. He is a student here. We license both drivers in this state. We want to buy a new car in the coming weeks here in IN too. Is it necessary to obtain a driver's license? What happens to the plaque on the new car? You do not know what to do!


skittle said...

Depends on what state the vehicle in. You're not a new license if you want to save the vehicle of your home state have registered. You can probably most of the registry by e-mail to your state of residence. Around your vehicle in EN, then yes, you register, you should get licenses. If you spend most of the year to get it anyway.

nj2pa2nc said...

live in North Carolina. We've recently bought a new car in Pennsylvania driver's license CN. When we are in NC, we registered our cars with the license issued by our licensed PA, no problem. when the car in probablyhaveto you receive a license registered. If you buy a car in another state of the state where you live, is for the registration and payment of taxes, etc., responsible in this state. In general, 30 days and receive a temporary transit plate.

dodge man said...

You do not change immediately, but eventually you have to again, and yet students can not apply to you immediately, usually saying nothing about it, but you want to find local DMV office to be sure, good luck, hope this helps, S., have a good x-mas.

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