Thursday, February 4, 2010

Has Anyone Ever Sued A Dentist Has Your Dentist Ever Broken A Bit Of A Dental Tool Off Inside Your Jaw And LEFT It In There??

Has your dentist ever broken a bit of a dental tool off inside your jaw and LEFT it in there?? - has anyone ever sued a dentist

I had a root canal to try to correct a tooth infection in about three months.

Once this is done, the dentist endodontist (?) A is an x-ray to see the final results, while showing that said to me, me in passing that the small white line was visible on the x-ray dental drill (or a small tool, others - I can not remember exactly what erupted), which were in my jaw. He acted as if they were rare, and as if there is no reason for alarm. I was traumatized by the root canal, and not because the question. I just wanted to leave.

Anyway, fast forward now ... Root canal infection has set in the tooth, and two weeks ago, I was finally the tooth. I do not think could be related to this day.

This happened to you? Should I complain or try to explore my options with this or do nothing? The tooth (with tools in it) is gone.


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