Saturday, February 13, 2010

Queens Court House Kew Garden 120-55 Whats The Number For My Local Court House?

Whats the number for my local court house? - queens court house kew garden 120-55

Seeking in New York, Queens Boulevard in Kew Gardens.
How can your number so I can ask how much we owe to a fine.


KC V ™ said...

District Attorney
(718) 286-6000
125-01 Queens Boulevard
Kew Gardens, New York 11,415

Supreme Court
Secretary of the Supreme Court
(718) 298-1400
12,501 Queens Blvd # 710, Jamaica, NY

U.S. District Court Clerk
(718) 260-2270
Cadman Plz E 225, # 130, Brooklyn, NY

U.S. District Court Clerk
(212) 805-0500
500 Pearl Street, # 1, New York, NY

mrklcoac... said...

the prosecutor should be able to make the number or information, call 411,

HusCar said...

Learning to use the phone.

A C said...

Try your phone

T8ter T0T said...

Directory dumb ***

notagain said...

411 is your friend

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