Friday, February 19, 2010

Normal Vagaina Pic Question About Having Sex For The First Time?

Question about having sex for the first time? - normal vagaina pic

I need someone to answer this question seriously, and yes, I am old enought to have sex. I made my BF for a year and a half and decided to become familiar with it. I was a virgin all the way until I decided to give it. We have tried to do, but I was too tight and it was so easy to get to us, it was sweet, but pushed it a little harder and I think they tore down my vagaina. Is this normal? We know not to, because I was sick and I was a bit .... Months older Bleading later, he decided to do it again, and so it happened that a little tore up, but I was wrong again to do the second time. These are normal consequences of a virgin? I play with my car, so I'm very close. Thanks


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