Monday, February 1, 2010

Andy Pak Los Angeles Playboy Has Anyone Else Been Scammed By Andy Pak From Photo Sense. He's A Wedding Photographer In Los Angeles, CA?

Has anyone else been scammed by Andy Pak from Photo Sense. He's a wedding photographer in Los Angeles, CA? - andy pak los angeles playboy

My wife and I asked Andy Sens Photo Pak LA (details below) as our wedding photographer. We got married in September 2008 and have not received our records upon completion of our contract with him.


4REEE said...

Time for you to see a lawyer.

Some give you 30 minutes to 1 hour free consultation. Call and ask.

Good luck.


melouofs said...

You should contact the police or the prosecutor. Something similar has happened, and it turned out that the guy pulled a lot of girlfriends. He took her money but not go to the gallery - now says he did not even pix! The police got involved because of fraud.

My husband is a photographer and photographed at least one of the deceived her wedding dress for his portrait would have decency in their dress ... Although it is a year later. (Not his office for examination) cheated.

Caleb L said...

You need a group of Mexicans between $ 150 and hit enter LOL

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